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HyperDbg is more transparent compared to other debuggers by its nature. Generally, basing the debugger on the hypervisor layer makes HyperDbg more transparent than other debuggers. HyperDbg doesn’t use any debugging-related API, so even the operating system doesn’t have any idea that it’s being debugged! And that’s not all! HyperDbg can also hide from microarchitectural timing attacks that reveal the presence of the hypervisors. Transparency is a priority and is under active development.

HyperDbg won’t guarantee 100% transparency. However, we’re actively working on the transparent-mode of the debugger. Here you can read the reports of our efforts on making the transparent-mode of the HyperDbg Debugger.

VM-exit Transparency in HyperDbg

In this short article, we describe the progress in developing the transparency feature of the Hyperdbg. We have developed a statistical-based mitigation for Hyperdbg to be immunized against timing side-channel attacks targeting sub-OS intercepting entities.

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